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Clerical Apparel

CROWNEX is proud to present our offering of clergy apparel. Our clergy apparel has been recognized as the finest quality in the robe industry. High standard of workmanship assures a perfect fit and lasting comfort. Crownex produces standard and custom made clergy apparel for all religions. Details upon request.

CROWNEX clergy apparel will compliment your distinction and leadership in the church.


  • Bishop's Cassock
  • Rochets/Chimeres/Scarves
  • Canon or Monsignor's Cassock
  • Shoulder Capes
  • Clergy Cassock
    • Trinity back
    • Roman cuffs
    • Cincture band and drop
    • Brush braid hem
    • Piping
    • Hidden buttons
    • Covered buttons
  • Server's Cassocks
  • Evangelic Cassocks
  • Clergy Vest (with 4 pockets)
  • Clergy Rabats and stocks
  • Clerical Cloaks
  • Clergy surplices (Old English style and American style)
  • Albs
  • Baptismal Robes
  • Verger's Gowns
  • Preaching (Pulpit) Gowns
  • Preaching Scarves
  • Preaching Tabs
  • Head wear
    • Birettas - 3 horns, 4 horns
    • Canterbury Cap
    • Zucchetto (Skull Cap) .
  • Garment Bags








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